Obstacle Racer Matt Murphy: what it takes to be an elite athlete

Meet Obstacle Racer,  Ultra Sky Marathon Runner, Trainer, Fitness Guru, Co-Founder on one of the world’s most popular online Obstacle Course Training Programs, Spartan Warrior, husband and dad……..Matt Murphy. This is a man who loves to HURT…..but with purpose. Ever wondered what makes an elite athlete? Today we find out, and discover there is so much more than going out there and just going hard. This is one to share with your teens and anyone training.

Matt shares with us his pearls of wisdom when it comes to training and succeeding at anything you are passionate about in life.

“If you’re willing to work harder than 99% of the population, then you’ll probably be quite successful, whether that’s in business, sport or in life in general.

“There needs to be a purpose behind a session, whether that purpose is to completely recover, or whether that purpose is to gain speed, strength or power. You don’t want to step out the door without having an idea of what you’re trying to achieve”

“A lot of people train hard but don’t complement it with good nutrition”

“If you can’t do a lot, due to time constraints, do a little, but do a little often”

“Consistency is the biggest key”

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