Sharny Kieser – The Fit Mum: You are your child’s hero

“You are your children’s hero.”

That’s the take home message from this week’s podcast with they inspirational Sharny Kieser, otherwise known as The Fit Mum.

She’s transformed the lives of thousands of Mum’s all around the world, helping them reclaim their bodies and their health while trying to manage the never-ending responsibilities of being a parent.

In this podcast we’re focusing on family health and how much your children idolise you as their parent. What you do, they will do, this is the basis of this conversation. We learn that it’s about transforming ourselves, in order to transform our kids.

This conversation will be a bit of a wake up call to many parents and we know you’ll get A LOT out of it. Topics also covered include:

  • What the children eat, is not the children’s responsibility.
  • The idea of an “Open cupboard & fridge policy.”
  • How to teach kids to have a healthy relationship with food.
  • Why you don’t have to be and shouldn’t be, the “perfect” parent.

Make sure you hang around til the end of the interview for Sharny’s parting advice on health from both the parent’s perspective and the child’s perspective. – priceless pieces of solid gold information here.

Click the image below to listen:

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