Take a 30 something year old girl and mix in the following:

·      a primary school teaching career in Australia and the UK

·      the creation of a national health food company (Rumbles Paleo)

·      the authoring of children’s books based on love and kindness (Bumi and Friends)

·      a hobby in puppeteering

·      qualifications and accreditations in EFT Tapping, Meta Health, Sleep Talk and Matrix Reimprinting, oh…

·      and let’s add in there the overcoming of a 20 year battle with anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

And then you’ll have me!

Yep, I tell you something, life has been one wild and crazy adventure. And guess what? I wouldn’t have had it any other way! In hindsight, I wouldn’t even alter the challenging times, as dark as they were, because they’ve all lead me to be sitting here on this website (not literally!) as the person I am today.

With a lot of deep analysis of self, and a million hours of study put into the fields of energy healing, neuroplasticity, eating psychology and the power of the subconscious mind, I’m now armed with a massive tool box of skills, strategies and techniques to help others turn their greatest obstacles into their most defining and triumphant victories.